Writing Game

This message is for Brenden Simpson – I don’t have access to ICQ right now, and I’m never sure what your e-mail address is. But, anyone interested is welcome to reply.

While I’m waiting for the perfect Live Journal narrative idea and video graffiti idea to strike me, how about:

  1. We write an outline, with say 10 landmarks (more might be necessary).
  2. We setup a content managment system.
  3. We take turns writing 250 – 500 word chapters.
  4. We plan it out so that we alterate hitting landmarks.
  5. The idea is, to make it challenging for the other guy to execute his assigned point on the landmark without doing ridiculous things.
  6. Also, keeping consistent with characterization will be a challenge.
  7. We should probably write the outline ourselves, but it would be fun to invite more people to play.
  8. One chapter a week?