An open letter to Senator Ron Wyden

Dear Senator Wyden,

We spoke several times when I was a reporter for Wired magazine about net neutrality and technology policy topics. But today I’m writing to you in my capacity as a citizen of the world. I have rarely reached out to your office outside my role as a journalist because you are usually on the right side of history. But this Veteran’s Day, I’m writing to ask you to support a more substantial and sustained humanitarian pause in Gaza and expanded humanitarian aid to Gaza.

After the October 7 attack, you said “You have a group, Hamas, that is bent on genocide. Period. Full stop.”

By now, however, I’m sure you’re familiar with the growing chorus of voices condemning the Israeli military’s own genocidal rhetoric. I urge you to listen to those voices and ask your heart if what is happening in Gaza is right.

The atrocities committed by Hamas do not justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. Hamas might be committing war crimes by using ambulances for military transportation, but that doesn’t justify the Israeli military’s targeting of ambulances. Two war crimes don’t make a right. The US needs to stand up for civilian victims on both sides of the conflict, not just Israel’s side.

Please use your position as a ranking member of the Intelligence Committee and chairman of the Finance Committee to block further military aid to Israel at least until the blockade is lifted and the bombing of civilian targets ends.

Sincerely, Klint Finley