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Blackmoor: First Dungeon Crawl Rules to the Game of Dungeon

Rules to the Game of Dungeon Actual Play Report

Rules to the Game of Dungeon Actual Play Report Before he co-created Dungeon and Dragons, Dave Arneson spent years playing fantasy role playing games with his friends in the Minneapolis area in the early 1970s. Over time, the idea of playing simple a simple dungeon-themed role playing games spread to other Minneapolis geeks. In 1974, 14 year old Craig VanGrasstek, who had never actually played with Arneson and his group and didn’t know D&D existed, published his house rules for the “Game of Dungeon” that he and his friends played (this game has also been referred to as “Minneapolis Dungeon” and “Castle Keep”).

Post-Apocalypse Scenario: Pyre Party

I just finished running an mini-campaign inspired by the Fyre Festival fiasco. The gimmick is expired by this point, but it was fun and some of these threats might be salvageable for other island-based AW scenarios. The Gist: It was supposed to be luxurious. Glamorous. Sexy. A week of partying with supermodels on the beaches Isla de Pira. Live shows by brokeNCYDE, Kid Rock, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Be the Media

Be The Media is a free one-page game about playing scrappy documentary filmmakers trying to right wrongs in their communities by exposing truth, giving voice to the voiceless, and speaking truth to power. It’s based on the Apocalypse World system by Vincent and Meguey Baker, though it’s more directly based on World of Dungeons: Turbo Breakers by John Harper. Main file here Character keeper for online play