D20 Places in a Gentrified Neighborhood and What They Used to Be

d20 places in a gentrified or gentrifying neighborhood. Roll or pick: Trendy restaurant* Condos Parking lot full of food trucks Urban winery Coffee shop Boutique* “Natural” grocery store Quantum crystal healing clinic Marijuana dispensary Bike shop Parkour gym Climbing gym Electric car show room Vape lounge Upscale pet grooming salon Yoga studio Crossfit gym


Destiny City is the most populous city in the Pacific Northwestern United States. With a population of 1,199,450, it’s the 9th largest city in the United States and the third largest on the west coast. Destiny City started as a small logging settlement and grew rapidly after many Chinese people settled there after the anti-Chinese riots of 1885 and quickly grew into a flourishing port city. It has long been a hub for experimental technology companies, playing host to the early days of the aerospace industry in the early 20th century and attracting the founders of many pharmaceutical and information technology startups in more recent decades.